battle of the brow gel

it’s hard to deny that a nicely shaped and groomed brow is an essential part of any makeup look. unfortunately, not only was i born with sadly sparse brows, but i was raised in the over-plucking years, and like many, i must refer to some product to bulk up the ‘brows.

i am a major fan of anastasia beverley hill’s ‘brow wiz’ and know that there is no true dupe of this perfect eyebrow filler. alternatively, for a gel option that is quick, easy and thickening, i have tested both the infamous benefit’s ‘gimme brow’ and two [much cheaper!] dupes that i found.


  • benefit ‘gimme brow’ in shade medium/deep- sephora – $30/3 ml [i have a sample size recieved in a TopBox]
  • essence ‘make me brow’ in shade 02 browny brows- shoppers drug mart – $4/4 ml
  • NYX ‘tinted brow mascara’ in brunette – shoppers drug mart – $9/6.5 ml
brushes, left to right: essence, NYX, benefit.
colours & brush strokes, from top to bottom: essence, NYX, benefit.

what i love about benefit’s ‘gimme brow’:

gimme brow is a great thickening gel with good colour coverage. it’s easy to apply with a great, small and accurate applicator and is especially convenient in the sample size.

not so great….it is expensive, at $10/ml…however long it does last.

NYX ‘tinted brow mascara’:

i was excited to see  dupe like product for my favourite, gimme brow. i am disappointed with the colour [too yellow for me] and i find the brush way too difficult to apply. in fact used the ‘gimme brow’ brush for more precise application. not a fan.

essence ‘make me brow’:

i was pleasantly surprised at how realistic the essence brush was in creating fine hair-like strokes. the colour is also quite similar to my natural eyebrows, i would say an even better colour match than benefit. it also comes with a smaller applicator wand, which i love. at the $4 price tag, it is definitely worth trying out! i’m thinking it will be my new routine along with my beloved ABH ‘brow wiz’!

happy browsing!



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