adorable & affordable spring manicure

as much as i hate to admit it, i was a nail biter forever. it was a nervous habit, bored habit and a nasty habit that took a long time to get over.  i tried the stuff that tastes gross, painting them regularly, getting manicures.  it was just a terrible habit! and still continues to be a go-to nervous tick from time to time.

my nail biting habits have gotten a lot better, and have been rocking some amazingly fierce nails, thanks to my new saving grace: imPRESS. these amazingly beautiful artificial nails that i never thought i woud love so much have taken over my world!

there are tons of varieties, you get two sets out of each package, they easily stay on a week,  and they are each under $10 – less that $5 a manicure! beat that!


i loved these ones  for this time of year. they’re so festive for spring and easter already here!

these are my favourite things ever as they are ridiculously easy to apply and take just over an hour, from start to finish. all you have to do is file your nails down and remove the shine from the tops of them [nail file is included], clean all debris off by using the provided alcohol wipe and choose the correct sizes. stick ’em on [thumbs last!] and keep pressing down on each nail, rotating, for half hour. after an hour, you can cut them, file them, wash them, and go on your merry way looking festive and adorable.

i mean, how cute do they look?!


you better believe i’m going to walmart to buy up all the different styles!



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