winter-to-spring look!

between time changes and melting mounds of snow, i have found myself caught between winter and spring. with a high of only 4 today (after a whopping 17 on saturday!) i have to find a transition from parkas and sorels to jean jackets and hunters. i am so lucky that i have such a talented friend!

in light of international women’s day last week, i want to focus today’s blog on a successful woman that i know who has a fabulous growing business.

my friend Courtney is the mastermind behind tinderboxย and i wanted to showcase her stunning handmade work. on days like today when it’s in between winter and spring, where you still need that extra bit of warmth, these crocheted goodies [hats, headbands, scarves & boot cuffs] are the perfect go to.

hat, earwarmer, boot cuffs.


pictured below: earwarmer and pocket scarf.

i found the pocket scarf to be so cozy and convenient that i can’t even call it an accessory! it’s chunky and comfy and can hold all my goodies. i also really love the neutral colour.

by far and large, my favourite item, both in colour and in design, is theย beanie toque. i’m not typically a hat person, and generally they don’t suit me. this one though, i could live in!

beanie toque in wine & bow boot cuffsย in pearl.
beanie toque in toasty & boot cuffs in wine.

boot cuffs were always something i thought were cute but never tried before. i am such a boot girl – you can pretty much find me in riding boots, wellies, or combat boots in any season. the boot cuffs were really soft and added a pop of colour to my outfits. they also had amazing details! my favourite were the ones with the little bows. so adorable!


for more styles, colours, contests & more, visit tinderbox:



wishing all the best to courtney in her continued success with tinderbox! you have an amazing thing going!






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