bridal shower style

it’s sunday morning and time to go to that bridal shower brunch.

but what do i wear?

luckily, i have a cute little RW&CO dress that’s been sitting around waiting to be worn!

i wanted a no-fuss dress, some heels i can actually walk in and something that would be appropriate for a GTA event. i went with clean lines, and simple, simple, simple.

today got me feeling like the lovechild between audrey hepburn & jackie O.

sunglasses: dollar tree [yep! you heard me!]
shoes: mossimo [target brand]
dress: rw&co [purchased for 60% off]
jacket: joe fresh [bought second hand, brand new with tags for $3 & mentioned here]


top a cute little retro dress with some killer winged eyes and false lashes and you got yourself an outfit! can’t wait to wear this little baby again!

have a fabulous friday & make sure to bring me some leftover cookies from the shower!




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