coffee. love it or hate it, it has become a staple in our canadian households, keeping new moms awake, exhausted employees alert and tim horton’s staff working. and, although growing up i was always a tea girl, adulthood had hit me hard in the last year and it has become a regular drink for me.

cue fancy add ins.

if i am going to be drinking something every single day, i need to keep it exciting. cream and sugar just don’t do it for me anymore, and through research, trial & error, i have found some amazing add ins to make my coffee the talk of the town.

i have tended to be adventurous to find a blend that really satisfies. there are so many options for coffee that many people don’t think about! some things to add in:

coconut oil
butter [still have yet to try this one!]
dark chocolate

cows milk
soy milk
coconut milk
almond milk

brown sugar
maple syrup
dark chocolate
hot chocolate powder
unsweetened cocoa
vanilla extract
flavoured syrups
date paste [i have never personally made this but am a fan of dates as a sweetener in smoothies]

sea salt

booze [for non-work days!]:
irish cream

my favourite combos [never measured, i just play around]:

dark chocolate + honey + salt + cinnamon + cream
coconut oil + honey + cinnamon + vanilla + milk
caramel flavoured syrup + sea saltΒ + almond milk

a gentle reminder/PSA:

for those of you with keurigs….i beg that you buy yourself a k-cup and some of your favourite coffee [caf & de-caf]! save the planet and your wallet, too. i promise, it is so easy and hardly takes any time in the morning.

what are your favourite coffee combos?



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