my MissA haul!

if you haven’t heard of MissA, you are missing out. it is the coolest website chock-full of girly makeup and accessories  all for $1 USD. wait. what?

you heard me. they have pages and pages of false lashes, headbands, earrings, sunglasses, socks, keychains and temporary tattoos that all come out to (depending on exchange) $1.34 CAD. and shipping is REALLY reasonable. my first purchase the shipping came to $9.95 and the second it was $5.95 for a lighter package.


i’ll break down a couple of the items i got around to trying:

  • kleancolor madly matte lipgloss in rose – smells faintly of coconut, glides on smooth, and stays on for a loooong time. i love that aspect but make sure you have a good makeup remover to take it off (coconut oil would also work).
  • santee long lasting matte liquid lipstick in #3 – it has a sweet, artificial smell like you would expect in a cheaper product, but has bright and long lasting colour. i will probably never use this, but with the trend of crazy lip coloursm along with my obsession with liquid lipsticks, i figured for $1.34 i couldn’t go wrong.
liquid lippies: kleancolor in rose (above) & santee in #3
  • giovi magic finish cooked powder/ eyeshadow in #2 and #4 – although advertised as an eyeshadow, these make an amazing highlighter.  i personally prefer #4 as it is more of a rose gold than a silver, but i will certainly be using both.
  • kleancolour tanned rawr matte bronzer in tahiti matte-  i haven’t had a chance to use this but on first swatch it comes off as a very natural colour, without shimmer or glitter, which i really like.


  • kleancolor waterproof eyeliner pen – i have not tried wearing it on my eyes, however first impression shows that it applies very smoothly and as a true black. it seems easy to be able to create the look you want as it has an easy-to-use felt tip. i’m looking forward to trying this and comparing it to some of my higher-end eyeliners like my sephora liquid liner and my kat von d tattoo liner in trooper.
a steal for the price! kleancolour waterproof eyeliner pen in black.
  • IMG_6396e.l.f. eyebrow stencil kit – i have never heard of this and i think its an amazing product for those ladies (and gents) trying to get their brows on-point. it’s simple to use and has 4 options to choose from. I tried it and definitely have some playing around to do, but it is a great item for the price.



  • i think i sold them out of all of their eyelashes – there are so many to list – but ones that i repurchased this time were the Kara DW lashes, Kara #415 and Kara #43.
not sure where i will find a time and place to wear these bad boys but i look forward to the challenge!

my last order i purchased a lot of jewellery – midi ring sets, ear cuffs, necklaces for myself, and also stocked up on some cute items that i can give as last minute additions to birthday gifts or as stocking stuffers. what keeps me coming back to this website are the LASHES. i will make another blog going more in depth, but these $1 lashes are amazing and comparable (if not better) than ardell lashes. trust me.

looking forward to creating a look with some of the items i bought here!

what would you like to see?





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