setting spray show off

only recently in my makeup obsession have i discovered setting spray and noted it’s importance in my routine! especially for those with dry, flaky skin [pick me!], setting spray not only makes your makeup last longer and makes powders look less cakey, it also hydrates the face.

$38 vs. $15 vs. $10.

cost breakdown:

urban decay “chill”: $38/118 ml [sephora]  – $0.32/ml
NYX dewy finish: $10/60 ml [NYX] – $0.17/ml
l’oreal paris infallable pro-spray and set: $15/100 ml [walmart]  – $0.15/ml

each of these products are meant to make makeup look fresh, extend wear time and prevent fading. the urban decay and NYX are advertised as to make the skin hydrated which was a key factor in my decison to purchase them.

setting sprays can be applied before and/or after makeup application. just make shake the bottle each time before spraying!

after trying each product, i noticed that they each are lightweight and comfortable. they can be applied in a light mist.  i like to spray about 4x after makeup is applied and that is what i did with each of these.


urban decay “chill” has quite the potent alcohol smell [this could be off-putting to some].
NYX dewy finish smells light and refreshing, no noticeable alcohol scent.
l’oreal paris infallable pro-spray and set has a light alcohol scent, less fragrant than the UD spray.

i like that NYX comes in a smaller bottle, especially for traveling. i love that the l’oreal has a light scent, is available at most drug stores and is the most affordable. the only place that i have seen sell NYX products are at some rexall locations, the new NYX store in toronto [363 Queen St W], or online. urban decay’s formula may have made my makeup slightly longer lasting, however the packaging is large and i can only purchase the setting spray at sephora, which is a bit of a drive for me.

in all honestly, all of the setting sprays were nice. they all semed to do the trick in extending my makeup and refreshing me later in the day. being new to the land of the setting sprays, i would repurchase each of them, but for convinence sake and an attempt to save some cash, i think in the future i will repurchase l’oreal paris infallable.

what’s your favourite setting spray?





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