dupe alert! urban decay naked skin

i was super stoked to get a sephora gift card for christmas. it meant i could justify trying some of the high end cosmetics that i have only dreamed about. huzzah!

i also wanted to try the urban decay naked skin foundation that i have heard so much about and be able to compare it with it’s cheaper drugstore dupe, l’oreal true match lumi. i watch tons of make up videos, dupes of high and low end products, favourites and how to’s, but sometimes it’s nice to have the opinion and testing skills of someone who isn’t famous/flawless/has amazing lights and cameras/is paid to do so.

so, alas, i put two foundations [that apparently are very similar] to the challenge!

l’oreal true match lumi vs urban decay’s naked skin.

l’oreal’s true match lumi in the shade C3 [cool 3]
urban decay’s naked skin in the shade 3.0

some background on me:
i have quite dry skin, some larger pores and redness in the cheeks. i use my sonic skincare solution [best dupe ever for the clarisonic] about 3x a week and moisturize every day. i have been getting a lot better with removing my makeup. my skin is by no means flawless!
based on my blue and purple veins, i have cool skin [green veins means you have warm undertones]. i also have a bit of an olive complexion due to my Metis-Cree background.

check for yourself! it makes buying foundation a lot easier.

urban decay’s naked skin: $47
l’oreal’s true match lumi: $15

i purchased l’oreal lumi at my local walmart for $15. there was plenty of selection and i love that l’oreal has options in their foundations for cool, neutral and warm undertones.

for just over a third of the price [and the same amount of product] you can get urban decay’s naked skin from sephora. the packaging is beautiful, the product smells fantastic and the fabulous in-store makeup artist did a great job at selling me on it.
i figured with the 30 day try-it-and-return-it-with-no-questions-asked i could give it a go.

immediately after application – l’oreal on my left side, urban decay on my right

i went on to put on a full face of makeup as if i was going out at night, including using a setting spray over top [comparison blog to come on those]. i then went on with my normal day, feeling fierce and wondering which foundation i would end up liking better.

after about 3 hours of light housework and a walk in the snow.

what i noticed:
if anything, noticed that the urban decay got a little cakey by my eyebrows. other than that, they both felt great and were decently long-lasting. i did need to use more product from the cheaper option – 2 pumps of lumi on one side of my face vs. 1.5 on the UD naked skin side. that didn’t bother me as it is a very light foundation that can be built to fuller coverage. they are both water-based which is what i need for my dry winter skin.

in the end, i felt that l’oreal’s true match lumi felt more natural and comfortable to me. it felt slightly less cakey and, for a cheapo like me, less guilty about price!

i guess i need to make a trip back to sephora.
but what dupe do i test next?





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