how to

valentine’s day on a budget

we all need a pick-me-up every once and awhile. and, although some people think valentine’s day is an excuse for chocolate and greeting card companies to make some big bucks, i think it’s a cute way to show appreciation for the ones you love and care for. it doesn’t have to be expensive!


i thought i was going to be a regular martha stewart and make some homemade cupcakes and whip up some fresh icing for Ivan and his coworkers. time got away from me and, let’s face it, we all love that betty crocker deliciousness! i picked up some boxed cake & icing for $1 a piece and made some festive treats. tasty and affordable! and guess what? cupcakes aren’t just for kids!

i decided to pop my head into old navy before i went home and did my regular power walk to the land of orange stickers. i wasn’t looking for anything in particular but ended up finding three gorgeous men’s button up shirts, originally $29.94 for $7.99! it pays to be frugal!

for those of you looking for a little valentine’s day gift for your man, they make a great gift! check your local old navy’s clearance section: they also have beanies, scarves, gloves all in the $2-8 range. steal!

wondering what to do on valentine’s day when money is tight?

hungy? go eat some free samples at costco!

thirsty? david’s tea always has a few blends you can try!


but if want to see a movie and are strapped for cash, wait a few days and go on cheap night [tuesday] or better yet, have a night in! in the past, ivan and i made homemade heart shaped pizzas and hung out on the couch with a glass of wine and large quantities of chocolate. for those in a rush, there is pre-made dough available at the grocery store. if you have extra time to let the yeast rise, i’d suggest this recipe. i’ve tried it several times and it always comes out perfect. plus, how cute is it to be able to ghost in the kitchen with pepperoni and cheese? delicious and hilariously romantic.

whatever you end up doing, whether with your significant other, mom, or cat, happy valentines day to you & yours! eat some chocolate for me.







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