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how to: engagement photos

the excitement surrounding an engagement is contagious, and it seems may of us want to showcase this feeling through a photoshoot.

i gotchu, girl. been there, done that.

my photographer, morgan falk was [is] the best. we purchased a package through her that included engagement photos, full day wedding coverage and an additional shoot of choice. it gave us the opportunity to meet her, for her to get to know us, for everyone to feel comfortable and to have a sense of peace with our photographer before the wedding. or fire their ass and find someone better.

morgan was great at preparing us for the shoot. she gave detailed ideas for clothing options, locations, props, etc.

and to you i pass on my advice. how to survive an engagement photoshoot:

  • wear outfits that compliment each other, but aren’t too matchy matchy.
  • have a backup location if you have an outdoor photoshoot planned! both of our locations were outdoors in the spring and we were lucky to have a gorgeous day.
  • choose a casual look and formal look and a couple of locations!
    our informal look included a cardigan & jeans, jeggings & a jean jacket, a bottle of wine and st. john’s conservation area.
    formal: stoney ridge winery, khakis, a vintage looking dress, some fancy dance moves and my favourite heels.
  • use this as an opportunity to practice wedding hair and makeup! i’m so grateful for my cousin meghan for her amazing skills, even though we ended up going for more of a traditional bridal look on the big day.
  • get lost in the moment – the best shots were of me laughing because ivan was being his goofy self, or because we were sinking in the fresh, spring mud. not fun in white pants but it made for great photos!

any other advice you may need, or questions about my fabulous photographer or hair/makeup goddess, let me know!



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