lazy sunday

no super bowl for me. except for the half time show, which was…a bit disappointing.

[btw – have you seen this video? amazing. and the song with beyonce  – that they didn’t even sing at the super bowl – is mint. all hail queen B.]

nope. just perogies, coconut oil and a married at first sight marathon.

i was dying for comfort food after seeing post after post of cheesy-greasy-deliciously-disgusting platters on facebook. perogies to the rescue! but frozen ones, not the good stuff.
sorry gram.
i need to get a good (easy) recipe! anyone?

the bane of my existence.

as for this show. married at first sight, FIRST SIGHT. they are nuts! there’s no way i could/would ever do this! ivan and i started dating in february of 2008 and didn’t marry until last october. and i still learn new things everyday! those brave souls!

coconut oil: this stuff is life! i gave myself a hair mask/lip scrub/body lotion party and smelled like a jamaican beach. yum.
[recipes and remedies for coconut oil later.]

the remedy for everything.

hope you had a nice lazy sunday, super bowl or not.





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