daily dose of green


welcome to the world of green smoothies.

stay awhile!

first off, I was totally THAT person who would stick their nose up at crap like this at one point in my life. but then adulthood happened, i was lacking greens and needed a quick way to get them in.

enter: smoothies.

besides bath & body works candles, these have been my obsession. and because of their help, i fit into my wedding dress. CAN I GET AN AMEN??

when doing research on smoothies and different recipes to try, i came across countless people telling me not to “improvise” or attempt to “make a smoothie without a recipe.” don’t listen to those people! i have been stretching my limits, throwing everything & anything in my smoothies and i have survived to tell the tale.

this one is my current favourite, and i certainly have my new obsession – matcha – to thank. it wakes me up, gets my protein & veggies in, and is quick! win-win-win.

in this one (and don’t quote me on measurements….i never measure!):

  • a large handful of fresh spinach
  • one teaspoon of matcha (or to taste)
  • half a cup of vanilla or plain greek yogurt (i will add about a teaspoon of vanilla extract if i only have plain yogurt)
  • plain almond milk or skim milk
  • sugar or honey to taste
  • ice to reach desired consistency

i use a hand blender and just have at it.

put it in a pretty glass, add a straw and try not to suck it back too fast. i have made that mistake before. beware of the caffeine shakes!





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